I. Name, seat and purpose

Art. 1
Under the name Swiss Electrical Instructors Association SEIV, an association within the meaning of Art. 66 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code exists with headquarters at the President's place of residence.

Art. 2
The purpose of the Association is:

1. to promote professional training in the electrical installation industry
2. the education and training of members through seminars and excursions.
3. the creation of common course materials for teaching purposes.
4. to promote contacts with companies, associations, vocational schools and cantonal offices.
5. to promote cooperation between the various course centres.

II. membership

Art. 3
All natural and legal persons can become members if they promote the purpose of the association and recognize the statutes.
The association includes:
- Active members
- Retired members
- Honorary members
- Passive members

Art. 4
Honorary members are appointed by the General Assembly on the proposal of the Executive Committee if they have rendered outstanding services to the Association.

Art. 5
Active membership is granted to anyone who is admitted to the Association at the General Assembly and pays the membership fee. By joining the Association, the new member acknowledges the statutes.

Art. 6
Active members are entitled to vote and are eligible for election.

Art. 7
Retired members pay no membership fees and have only an advisory vote.

Art. 8
Honorary members pay no contributions, they have the right to vote and be elected

Art. 9
Passive members are natural or legal persons, who support the association by paying the regular annual minimum contribution determined by the General Assembly.
At the request of the Board, passive members can participate in the General Assembly. They have only an advisory vote.

Art. 10
The membership expires by:
1. failure to pay the annual subscription.
2. exclusion by decision of the General Assembly, which is possible without giving reasons.
3. resignation of a member.

Art. 11
All members pay an annual subscription. The membership fee is fixed each year. Honorary members and retired members are exempt from membership fees.

Art. 12
The Swiss Instructors Association SEIV is an autonomous association. It can join cantonal and Swiss associations/organisations with a two-thirds majority (2/3) of all members participating in the General Assembly and entitled to vote.

III Organisation

Article 13
The organs of the association are:
1. the General Assembly (AG)
2. the Committee
3. the auditors' accounts
4. commissions

Article 14
The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Association.

Art. 15
A General Assembly is held every year in the third quarter of the year. It must be convened 14 days in advance by the executive committee.

Art. 16
In special cases the executive committee can call up an extraordinary general meeting. The meeting is called either on the basis of a resolution of the Board or if at least one fifth (1/5) of the members request this in writing, stating the business to be discussed.

Art. 17
The General Assembly has the following powers:
1. to elect the president and the other members of the board.
2. election of two auditors as auditors.
3. to approve the annual report and the annual financial statement, with discharge of the executive committee and the control authority.
4. determination of the annual membership fee.
5. adoption of a resolution on the budget.
6. recall of the president and the other members of the board.
7. dissolution and liquidation of the association by applying Art. 27 and Art. 28 of these statutes.
8. the General Assembly decides on all cases not foreseen in the statutes upon application of the Executive Board.

Art. 18
Motions and resignations of the members on which the General Assembly has to decide must be submitted in writing two weeks before the meeting.

Art. 19
All votes are generally taken openly. At the request of one-fifth (1/5) of the voting members present, secret ballot shall be used. In votes and elections the relative majority decides. In the event of a tie, the chairman has the casting vote.

Art. 20
The executive committee is the leading organ of the association and consists of
4 or 5 members. Within the committee there are the following functions:
- President
- Vice President
- Secretary
- Cashier
- And if possible, a person responsible for further education

Article 21
The executive committee is elected by the general assembly for a period of three years and is re-eligible. The President is elected by the General Assembly. Otherwise, the executive committee constitutes itself under the direction of the president.

Art. 22
The board of directors is quorate if the majority is present. Resolutions are passed by a simple majority. In the event of a tie, the President has the casting vote, in his absence the Vice-President and in his absence the member of the Board appointed as Chairman for this meeting.

Art. 23
The Board of Directors shall arrange for all

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